How to Help

To Parents, Teachers and Students,

There are many easy ways to help us raise money for Mendenhall.  The three options below are quick (cutting out box top labels, swiping a card at the grocery store, or supporting our school fundraisers) and really make a difference.  This allows us to forgo the large fundraisers that many schools depend on.  With your participation, we can continue to meet our fundraising goals with little effort.  
Box Tops:  Help us continue to raise money for MMS by saving Box Tops! Click here for the BoxTop form.
Lucky is now a part of eScrip: Go to escrip.com to register.
Mendenhall Events:  We have events throughout the year offering meals, magazines, wrapping paper, candy, etc to raise money for our school.   Check out the school's website for more information and details.