Free Audio Books from the Livermore Library

The Livermore Public Library offers this site during the summer.  Some MMS honors classes may be using it for summer reading.  Students can download audiobooks onto their phones, ipad, ipods, tablets, e.g. for free.  Click HERE for details.


Our Library Breakfast Book Club is looking for members.
The first meeting of the Mendenhall Breakfast Book Club is Monday, September 29th at 2:30 PM. Plan to come ask questions, signup and put on ...more

At your service in the library is Ms. Kubiak, the Library Media Specialist, at Mendenhall.  The library will be open for business the first week in September and the Accelerated Reader program should be up and running soon.  


The Accelerated Reader Program has over 100,000 tests for books and is updated every few weeks to include the latest novels.  If you would like to access the AR list from a location other than school, the website is:


Your student's Accelerated Reader progress can be viewed on the following site:

hosted283.renlearn.com/280958/HomeConnect.  Type in their ID and password to log into their student record.

The Library hours for the 2013-2014 school year are:


7:50-3:30   Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

7:50-2:30   Wednesday (except on staff collaboration days, when the library will close at 2:20)


To access our online circulation catalog, go to lib.livermore.k12.ca.us  then select William Mendenhall Middle School.

Students are welcome to use the library during their lunch break, before school and after school unless otherwise posted.  Because meetings are sometimes held after school in the library, a notice will be posted on the library entrance door every Monday regarding its availability.


If you have any inquiries about the library, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ms. Kubiak

Library Media Specialist


To check to see of a books is on the AR list, log onto – arbookfind.com

To check what books are available in our library, log onto - lib.livermore.k12.ca.us

Livermore Public Library

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