MMS Fundraising

School Site Council, ASB, PTSA

At a recent School Site Council meeting, several parents ask for clarification on the difference between School Site Council funds, ASB and PTSA funds. ASB stands or Associated Student Body. Please refer to the article entitled ASB Funds on this page, in order to understand this organization better. In a nutshell, ASB funds must be approved by the student leadership organization on campus; not by faculty, parents or administration. The leadership teacher is trained in the rules and regulations of ASB and supervises to ensure student compliance. The School Site Council on the other hand, is made up of teachers, parents, administrators and students. The council collaboratively makes determinations about how the categorical funds (such as SLIP, Site Discretionary Block Grant, etc.) will be spent.

ASB funds are to be used for student involvement for in activities outside the regular curriculum program. This money ideally adds extra-curricular programs to the students’ educational experience and enriches the experience by providing first hand situations. Through the ASB experience, students learn teamwork, social interaction,
problem solving, planning and goal setting. Some important restrictions on ASB monies include:

  • ASB monies may only be used for legitimate ASB activities.
  • ASB monies may only be spent on cultural, athletic, recreational and social purposes which are non-graded, optional and extracurricular.
  • ASB monies may not be used for anything under the general heading of gifts, including charitable donations, scholarships or student exchange, nor for personal or private use.
  • General Fund monies may be spent for ASB activities but ASB monies cannot be spent for General Fund activities.
  • All purchases are to show evidence of prior student approval through a budget item and a record of disbursement through the student activity meeting (leadership) minutes. All expenditures (payments) must show evidence of student approval.

ASB funds are generally raised by Leadership students for these activities and are often the focus of our annual magazine, cookie dough, student store, and other general student-run fundraising activities.

PTSA at Mendenhall raises funds to support programs and teachers in a myriad of important ways. Each year the PTSA meets to allocate a budget and identify priorities. It seeks annual membership contributions and raises funds to support programs and teachers at our school. The quality of the overall Mendenhall experience is due, in a large part, to the generous work of these parent volunteers. Examples of their hard work can be seen all over campus from technology and equipment in classrooms to signage on buildings, beautification efforts, and, lunch tables and benches. We owe a great deal of gratitude to this tireless group. PTSA raises funds through different formats, from direct solicitation of cash and services to programs such as the Escrip program. More information about PTSA opportunities is available on our website.