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Health Services Update

The LVJUSD School Nurses are continually monitoring information from Alameda County Public Health regarding communicable diseases. This year, in addition to seasonal flu, we are also tracking updates and recommendations regarding Enterovirus D-68 and Ebola. For additional information, please visit http://www.acphd.org/

H1N1 Information

Of great concern this year is the probability that we will have a  more serious than normal flu season. The District has made available information for your benefit. Click Here for a Letter from our Superintendent in English or Here for one in Spanish. 

As of Oct. 7, click ENGLISH or SPANISH for the latest information from the school district.

As of Oct. 13, per the office of Student Services - "Just for clarification-Influenza A is a type of flu. There are many subtypes of Influenza A, H1N1 being one of those subtypes.  Since there is not any community testing being done for H1N1, most patients with flu type symptoms are being treated as though it is H1N1 and physicians are managing symptoms on that assumption. Per the county, testing is only taking place if patients are hospitalized or have significant respiratory complications."



The Alameda County Public Health Department is providing no-cost H1N1 vaccinations to uninsured residents who are at highest risk of complications from exposure to the H1N1 virus. Click HERE for a flyer.