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Mesopotamia begins Monday

Mesopotamia begins Monday

Get to know Ms. Gregory

Get to know Ms. Gregory


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Reading is cool in Ms. Gregory's Class.

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A carriage ride through Central Park, New York 2009

A carriage ride through Central Park, New York   2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Thursday is the last school day of the year.  It will be a short day, similar to Wednesday's schedule.  Please remember to take all P.E. clothes, lunch boxes, backpacks, reading books, and jackets home.  Enjoy this time with family and friends.  See you in the New Year.

Dear Students and Families,


It is with a smile and a tear that I announce the passing of my father on Friday the 10th.  Although this does not affect you directly, it will briefly change the outcome of this week.  I have decided that this environment is the best place for me, so I will only be gone on Thursday. I don't want to focus on this sad occasion, but I don't want to hide it either.  If students talk about the nostalgia associated with the passing of a loved one, please know that I am doing well and I am in a good place.  With that being said, I will only be adding a few assignments to the gradebook. The final AR grade will be 50 points toward reading.  An early human writing assignment will be worth 30 points in English.  The Mesopotamia notebook will be worth about 30 points in social studies.  We will have a grade check today, so you can see any assignments that are incomplete or missing, and how the grade is impacted.  Please feel free to email me with questions or concerns.  I am available for discussion via schoolloop, however I will not be available after school. 



Rebecca Gregory

Students...if you are struggling with storyboardthat.com, no worries.  Try signing in under my user name...rebeccajgregory . and use the passcode . feed 31.  You should be able to log in without putting in email.  If you can , try it out tonight.

Some new grades have been input into the gradebook.  As a courtesy, I have waived the usual 3 week time period.  I like to get an early start on grades, but it is not a guarantee that grades will be input within the week.   Here are the most common abbreviations you might encounter as you view the gradebook.


ab = absent...need to make it up within a certain amount of time

mi = missing...didn't turn in, so no grade...0

___ = I haven't put in a grade yet

0 = 0..no points...basically failed that assignment usually because the student didn't do it or manage to turn it in.


I usually ask a student multiple times to turn in an assignment.  If they have a mi/0, it's because they are neglected to turn in the work after multiple warnings.  Ab work can be made up, but not after multiple weeks.  You have the same amount of time to make up an assignment as you were absent.


**supplies list assignment was generated to show parents what their student was missing. All that was required was an acknowledgement of missing items by a simple parent signature.  Students were not expected to bring in items.  I do not give grades based on what items get brought to class, but rather on how students managed to complete assignments.  Students are always welcome to stay after school and use my personal supplies, and I have a basket of supplies for every (4) students.


Thank you for a great Back to School Night.  

Rebecca Gregory

Byod - We will be attempting Byod onboarding this coming Monday.  If your child has not yet logged on to LVJUSD website...no worries.  We anticipated  a trial and error period, so your children are not behind.  If your child does not have a device, please contact the office to receive a loaner device.  Thank you for your patience.  We can do this!



Donor's Choose: I just submitted a request for classroom supplies.  If you would like to look at the request or donate to the cause, the link is below.


Grades are input every three weeks (3) per district specifications.  Sometimes they are input earlier, however it not a given.  We will do our best to upload grades in a timely matter.  I have uploaded grades early so students can feel how amazing it is to have an A and strive for this continually.  This is meant as a positive incentive only.  

Hello Families!


Today students received their first SCOPE magazine. Please review the informational letters attached. Today's homework is to read the article, "They Failed" on page 28-29 and answer the 3 questions at the end.


Thank you.


Ms. Gregory

TopoQuest Island

TopoQuest Island

Hatshepsut Video -


8th Grade Washington Trip 2011

8th Grade Washington Trip 2011


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