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Leadership Application

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Leadership class is an elective where students develop leadership skills, learn to run the student
government and promote school activities. Students design our curriculum.


They will:

● Plan and attend four school dances
● Develop and implement school activities
● Participate in community service projects
● Plan and run school fundraisers
● Improve communication skills through prepared and impromptu speeches
● Be the representative for a class to encourage school spirit and share information
● Work to improve the climate on campus
● Attend student leadership orientation hosted by students Friday August 18th, 2017 at 10:00AM.
● Respect the officers as leaders of the class
● Has the ability to take initiative to do assigned tasks
● Produces work with quality, and takes personal pride in that work
● Seeks opportunities to help others
● Is polite and respectful toward others
● Is a self motivated, goal orientated individual
● Shows an exceptional degree of integrity, reliability, and honesty
● Works as a problem solver
● Is flexible and works well on a team
● Have 2.5 GPA current year and maintain during 2017-2018 school year
● Displays appropriate behavior at all times and acts as a positive role model
● No major attendance issues (Leadership Teacher/Admin discretion)
● No referrals to time out room (Leadership Teacher/Admin discretion)

As a part of Leadership, students participate in activities before school, after school, at lunch, and
in the evenings. Attendance at ALL dances and noontime activities during both lunches is required.
Not attending these events will affect a student’s grade.


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